Tyler and Skyler are two judgmental peace-loving twins.

They’re obsessed by high-flown morals, and they behave abominably.

Those twins look entirely identical, and the art likes to linger on their frontal and profile appearances – bulging eyes and prominent forehead, angular, stylized features. When they look at each other face to face they form a heart. Lots of panel to panel repetition, which allows to make an element echo through the page, like the curve of a sofa; contrast between round and pointy, between foreground and background (the brothers often forming that foreground, making it clear how removed they are); contrast between colors, mostly warm ones, used profusely: solid pinks, greens, and oranges, for example, with some gradations here and there to reflect emotions.

This is cynical humor about the difficulty of interacting with others, and  the arrogance behind any preaching.

Available in volume 3.

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