David Lloyd

David Lloyd is the well-known illustrator and co-creator of V For Vendetta.   His other work includes Hellblazer, Aliens, Marlowe, Global Frequency, War Stories, and the acclaimed crime thriller, Kickback.  He’s also worked on a volume of war memoirs, Words of Stars ; an Asterix collection ; his first limited-edition print,‘ The Prizefighter ‘ ; and a book on Sao Paulo.  Dark Matter – a career retrospective of his past short stories  – has been published in Italy, and Spain.  He is now the publisher of Aces Weekly.

4 thoughts on “David Lloyd”

  1. Hi David could I ask the Asterix collection is that the Asterix the Gaul I would also like to ask would the stories be available in paper form can I thank you and team for these brilliant comics and their creators thank you Angela

    1. Danny,
      Hi. I’ve answered that question personally to you via email, haven’t I? So not so bad I hope, that I didn’t get to reply to it sooner, here! It’s crazy busy at Aces Weekly so I don’t check these messages enough. Great apologies, though : (

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