When the Third Reich’s army discovers Santa’s village by chance, they see it as an opportunity to win the war quickly.

Yes, how would the Nazis have considered Santa Claus and his elves? Glorious heritage of ancient Germanic culture, or depraved subculture? Hitler’s views towards religion or vegetarianism, for instance, are debated to this day.

It’s fun to imagine Santa’s real existence, especially his inner life. Here we get to see his most human side. Now he looks tough and hardened. He’s learned a lesson after an existence of hundreds of years.

Hitler and the Nazis were both evil and ludicrous, which is why they’re often used in comedies. This comic is funny, but it also asks valid questions about right and wrong, and how much we’re supposed to act in favor of what we believe in.

My favorite part is when Hitler’s underling tries to appear work-minded and suggests a visit of the factory, and Hitler answers: “Later. I want to see HIM!”

SANTA CLAUS VS THE NAZIS also features one thing most difficult to create in comics: action suspense.

Available in volumes 2,3,6,7.

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