Revisiting: everything by ESTEBAN HERNANDEZ

These seemingly autobiographical scenes depict the everyday life of the protagonist, and let us hear his thoughts.

They are extremely concise. This cartoonist is humble, unlike lots of others who specialize in this kind of comic and try to bring out the big themes and be profound. Consequently, Esteban Hernandez succeeds in being profound.

This is just really good. I don’t feel the sadness that comes from reading a comic that tries to represent reality and fails (and how often that is the case).

Having lots of work to do and the neighbor makes too much noise: we can all recognize ourselves. We feel like a friend is talking to us.

There’s even some kind of glow emanating from these pages. Sometimes they hover between pity and tender cynicism, but there is mostly the contentment of a simple life, like the feeling of a job done well.

vol. 1: Harmony

 vol. 4: All This Happened

 vol. 10: My Neighbour

 vol. 11: Like Bells

 vol. 12: If You Want

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